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Updated 9 November 2010:

ETC 2010: Andy Dobson has presented a paper to the 2010 European Transport Conference in Glasgow.  The paper, 'Representing Planning Policy in Land Use and Land Use/Transport Modelling" addresses the issues associated with the use of land use policies in modelling.  It was jointly written by Andy Dobson, Paul Minta, David Simmonds and Tom Simpson.  The paper is available here.

Updated 7 October 2010:

South Hampshire: DSC is a member of the consortium which is developed a sub-regional modelling suite for Transport for South Hampshire.  DSC's involvement focussed on the development of the Local Economic Impact Model, which will interact with the transport model being developed by MVA Consultancy.  Other members of the consortium are Hyder, The Denvil Coombe Practice, GVA Grimley, Environ, Fishburn Hedges and Ewen McCaig.

South-West England: DSC have developed a new land-use model, SWesPLUM, for the South-West Peninsula (Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Torbay and adjoining parts of Somerset and Dorset).  The work was carried out on behalf of Devon County Council under a sub-contract to Parsons Brinckerhoff.  It is intended ultimately to integrate it with a transport model of the peninsula so as to form a full land-use/transport interaction (LUTI) model; in the meantime it functions as a land-use model with exogenously prepared transport inputs.

Auckland (NZ): DSC are assisting in a project to assess the economic and development impacts of a possible additional crossing of the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland.  The Harbour is crossed by an existing bridge, built in the 1950s and subsequently widened by the addition of extra road lanes outside the original structure.  The project team, led by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, is considering the potential impacts of additional capacity which might be added in future.  DSC's role includes assistance and support to Prism Consulting who are running the DELTA model of Auckland (ASP3.2), and advice to NZIER on interpretation of the results and on wider economic benefits.

Collaboration: DSC is collaborating with University College London in a Knowledge Transfer Associateship.  Under this scheme, Aris Christodoulou of UCL is working with DSC on further developments and testing of the SimDELTA model.  Aris recently completed his PhD at UCL, in which he developed his own microsimulation model of London, STUDI, under the supervision of Professor Roger Mackett.  SimDELTA is the version of DELTA which uses microsimulation for all of the modelling of household and individual changes and choices.  Aris is currently investigating the stochastic properties of the model (ie the variability between different runs of the model given the same inputs, due to the use of random numbers in the microsimulation process) and implementing an improved car ownership model within SimDELTA.

SCOTSTAT: Andy Dobson presented a paper on 'The use of census data as an input in forecasting population, employment and land use change' to SCOTSTAT's Small Areas Statistics Conference in Edinburgh on 5th October.  The presentation can be found here.


Updated 14 September 2010:

Residential Location Models: A new book on residential location models, edited by Francesca Pagliara, John Preston and David Simmonds, has just been published by Springer.  It includes papers on the residential location modelling methods both in DELTA (by David Simmonds) and in SimDELTA (by Olga Feldman, Roger Mackett, Emma Richmond, David Simmonds and Vassilis Zachariadis).  Details of the book can be found at www.springer.com/economics/regional+science/book/978-3-642-12787-8


Updated 16 February 2010:

Staff: Valentina Nacar and Anna Pedalino have joined DSC as Analysts, both from the University of Naples.  Richard Simmonds has rejoined DSC as a Programmer, having recently submitted his PhD dissertation in the University of Manchester.

Travel Behaviour Research: Olga Feldman attended the 12th Conference of the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research, held recently in Jaipur, India, and presented a paper on the use of the Auckland Land-Use Model Survey in the calibration of the new Auckland Strategic Planning Model.

Updated 12 January 2010:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Anthony Dilleen has been promoted to Senior Analyst.




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