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Updated 5 May 2011:

Auckland (NZ): DSC have been commissioned by Auckland Council to implement their dwelling based model of household location (MH13) into the existing DELTA model of Auckland (ASP3.2).  The dwelling based model of household location will replace the current floorspace based household location model (ML12).  When MH13 is used housing is represented as dwellings rather than floorspace and each household occupies precisely one dwelling.  The flexibility required to ensure that households fit into housing is achieved in MH13 by varying household formation instead of by varying floorspace per household as in ML12.  This new approach also allows for the modelling of different dwelling types and tenures, and in the Auckland case it will be used specifically to model high and standard density development

Updated 2 March 2011:

Webseminar: DSC held their first webseminar today.  Targetted at planners working for local authorities in areas where DELTA applications already exist, the seminar "The potential for using land use models within planning" provided a brief overview of the land use model and described ways in which the existing land use models could support the work of local planners.  A follow-up seminar is planned for late spring/early summer.  Further details can be obtained from Andy Dobson.


Finnish Transport Agency: DSC is part of a consortium led by Ramboll which has been appointed to a framework contract for the Finnish Transport Agency.

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Paul Minta has been promoted to consultant.

Staff: Davide Pisa has joined DSC as an Analyst from the University of Naples.







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