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2012 News

Updated 29 October 2012:

Glasgow: David Simmonds Consultancy, along with sub-consultants Derek Halden Consultancy and Heriot Watt University's School of the Built Environment have been appointed as sole suppliers for Transport Scotland's Multiple Framework Agreement Lot 3. This Lot is for the maintenance, enhancement and application of their land use and economic forecasting model, TELMoS. The appointment is for an initial period of three years.

TELMoS is a nationwide model  that can be linked  with Transport Scotland's Transport Model for Scotland (TMfS) to provide a LUTI forecasting model. Further details of the model and its application can be found on Transport Scotland's LATIS website.

Updated 26 October 2012:

Seoul, South Korea: DSC has been commissioned to support the University of Seoul in a five-year project to develop a carbon emission management system for land-use and transportation.  As part of this work, the University is developing an application of DSC's DELTA land-use modelling package for the Seoul Metropolitan Area.  This will be linked to a transport model developed using the OmniTRANS transport modelling suite.  The combined model will be used to test different land-use and transport options as part of a research programme to reduce carbon emissions.

London: we have completed a research study for the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to assess the availability of evidence relating to a possible change in UK clock times.  For details please see our Projects Research page.

London: we have completed a project for Greener Journeys to examine the potential contribution of buses to meeting UK targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  UK clock times.  For details please see our Projects Research page.

Updated August 2012

Staff: Valentina Nacar joined DSC for 3 weeks during the summer term



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