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Transport effects of urban land-use change

This study was carried out for the UK Department of Transport (now part of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions) during 1995-96. It examined the transport implications of various versions of the "Compact City" concept, which has been widely discussed in recent years.

To do this DCS, in collaboration with MVA and ITS, carried out a series of tests using MVA's START model of the Bristol area. Some use was also made of DSCMOD, to examine the land-use impacts of the transport policies assumed. Ten tests were carried out, focussed on a "compact city" achieved by reversing past trends of decentralisation. (The feasibility of achieving such a change in trends was not part of the brief for the study.)

In general, the results showed that even this major reverse of past tendencies would have only a small overall impact on transport demand or on car use, though the local impacts of some of the development options could be more dramatic. The study was the subject of an article in Traffic Engineering & Control, December 1997.



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