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Parking policy and urban land-use

This topic has been the subject of two studies by DSC in collaboration with MVA, both as part of MVA's broader "Parking and Traffic Restraint" programme for the UK Department of Transport (now the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions).

The first study (1996) was a preliminary exercise to use the START/DSCMOD combination, previously applied to Bristol as part of the "Transport Effects of Urban Land-Use Change" project, to test the land-use impacts of alternative parking restraint strategies.

The second study (1997-98) study involved a review of the literature on parking policies and land-use, and on the modelling of such relationships, followed by a reapplication of DSCMOD now linked to the TRAM transport model of Bristol. This was considerably more successful, since TRAM (unlike START) had been developed specifically to examine restraint strategies, but still highlighted the need to consider such strategies in the context of other processes of land-use change.

The findings of this second study were reported in Parking Review October 1998.



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