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The role of the coach in the economy

This project was carried out in 1999 by David Simmonds Consultancy and Cambridge Policy Consultants for the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK.

The main objectives of the study were to identify:

  • the contribution made by coach-based tourism to the economic prosperity of the country and of particular areas
  • the extent to which this contribution may be increased by better provision of facilities for coaches, their passengers and their drivers, or may be diminished by restriction on coach operation.

An additional objective of the study was generally to improve understanding of the highly diverse range of activities which make up the non-scheduled coach sector. The consultants' work on the project included

  • assembling data from existing tourist surveys
  • a questionnaire survey of a sample of operators seeking information on how many passengers they carry in different types of work
  • a telephone interview survey of operators, seeking their views on "good" and "bad" provision for coaches at destinations
  • discussion with a variety of local authorities and operators of attractions (the "Case Studies" regarding the significance of coach tourism to them, and their attitudes towards coach operations
  • the adjustment and use of the existing Cambridge Model of tourism to allow the economic impacts of coach tourism to be measured across different sectors and areas.

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