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Latest News

Updated March 2017:

Staff: We are recruiting. As a result of increasing demand or our work, we have vacancies for analysts to work in both our Cambridge and Edinburgh offices. The work typically involves:

  • preparing input data for use in land use and economic modelling – this frequently involves large spreadsheets and in some instances GIS analysis;
  • running the model and checking its performance;
  • analysis of the results (including graphics and mapping) and writing up the interpretation of these results.

Updated January 2017:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Giulio Villani, from the University of Naples, joined DSC on an Erasmus Placement. He will be employed as an Analyst.

Updated August 2016:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Antonio Sposaro, Stanimira Georgieva, Polly Jackson, Laura Lees and Nikos Patias have been promoted to Senior Analysts.

Updated July 2016:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Elena Chinto, Alistair Halls and Emma Liddell have joined DSC as analysts. Elena will be based in Edinburgh whilst Alistair and Emma will work in Cambridge.

Updated April 2016:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Amy Fotheringham has been promoted to Consultant.

Staff: Antonio Sposaro has been awarded first prize in the examinations for the standard and advanced modules of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). This is a certification that was developed by the Council of European Professional Informatics Socities (CEPIS). The modules cover a range of IT skills including use of advanced databases, advanced spreadsheets, Project planning and Security matters.

Updated March 2016:

Staff: Belated congratulations to Valentina Nacar on the award of her M.Sc. with Distinction in Information and Communication Technology, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Carmela Sibilla has been promoted to Senior Analyst.

Updated February 2016:

DSC and TRL have been commissioned jointly, by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, to build a new version of the SITLUM land use and transportation forecasting model. The original SITLUM land use was developed in 2002/3, with subsequent refreshes in 2008 and 2012. This new version will update many of the model's inputs and provide a platform for future scheme evaluation and policy appraisal.

Updated October 2015:

David Simmonds Consultancy and Heriot Watt University have been appointed by the Scottish Government to develop a Local level Household Income Model for Scotland. This model will provide estimates of gross household income across a range of geographies from Data Zone upwards.

Updated August 2015:

Staff: Polly Jackson, Laura Lees and Nikolaos Patias have joined DSC as analysts.

Updated June 2015:

We are pleased to announce several papers have been accepted for the Applied Urban Modelling conference in Cambridge in June. 

Updated May 2015: 

Staff:  Stanimira Georgieva has joined DSC as an Analyst. 

Please note the change to our Edinburgh office address and phone number as of the 18th May 2015. 

Updated April 2015: 

Staff: Antonio Sposaro, from the University of Naples, and Mario Malagon, from the University of Burgos, joined DSC as Analysts in April 2015. 

Updated March 2015:

Transport Scotland have commissioned DSC to work on an update to their land use forecasting model, TELMoS.  This will involve developing an updated version of the land use model which will incorporate the latest 2011 Census data, new information on planned development provided by the local planning authorities and several enhancements to the modelling of development and overall levels of economic growth. Previously DSC developed the original TELMoS model and have carried out a number of upgrades to the model, most recently with the development of TELMoS12 in 2012.

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Valentina Nacar has been promoted to Consultant

Updated March 2015:

The programme for the STAR (Scottish Transport Applications & Research) conference to be held in Glasgow on 20 May 2015 will include a paper describing work by DSC and Jacobs on "Assessing the impact of homeworking upon traffic patterns".

Updated February 2015:

We are pleased that Carmen Sibilla has returned to DSC after completing her Master's degree in Italy.  Her dissertation was on “The use of variant tests in analysis of land use-transport interaction models” and was based on research she carried out using the SETLUM model of South Essex.








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