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The DELTA package

The DELTA package has been developed by DSC since 1995. It allows a range of models to be implemented for any city or region. The models can focus on change within one city, across a region or group of regions, or on a combination of both levels.

DELTA is designed to interact with any appropriate transport model in order to create a full model of interactions between land-use, economy and transport. Because land uses and economic activities take time to change, these interactions are modelled over time, as shown in Figure 1. DELTA provides land-use or economic inputs to the transport model, which generate demands for transport. The transport model provides measurements of accessibility and environment to DELTA, which influence the location of households, production and jobs.

DELTA represents a number of distinct processes of urban and regional change. These are mostly existing subjects of from research in economics, urban geography, etc - indeed several are familiar in everyday conversation. These are discussed in detail in a recent paper in the journal Environment & Planning B. Different processes are modelled at urban and regional levels.

For a more detailed information on DELTA please view our introduction to DELTA package document.



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