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DELTA applications

The first application of DELTA was for Edinburgh. This was developed by DSC as a prototype application, in collaboration with MVA and the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies (ITS). MVA provided the START model of Edinburgh to which DELTA was linked. ITS provided substantial assistance in model implementation and calibration, with financial support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The model was subsequently used by ITS for a major project in EPSRC's Sustainable Cities programme.

A second urban application, again in collaboration with MVA and again linked to a START application, was developed to form the Greater Manchester Strategy Planning Model (GMSPM). This was commissioned by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) and the Highways Agency.  This was used for a variety of project work by several different teams, with period updating, until recently replaced by the more extensive and more detailed GMSPM2 model.

The Edinburgh prototype and the GMSPM model were both designed as models of single cities.  The integrated urban/regional form of DELTA to cover multiple, interacting city regions was developed in 1998 for Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Trans-Pennine corridor. The overall structure of DELTA has remained essentially the same since then, although the details have been extensively refined in successive projects, and not all applications have used the full structure.

Subsequent major applications which have used the complete urban/regional DELTA system for modelling full land-use/transport interaction include

  • the South and West Yorkshire Strategic Model (SWYSM)
  • the Edinburgh LUTI/LEI Model (this was an entirely new implementation od DELTA, wholly separate from the original prototype)
  • the Strathclyde Integrated Transport/Land-Use Model (SITLUM)
  • the Transport/Economic/Land-Use Model of Scotland (TELMoS)
  • a new model for the Greater Manchester city region (GMSPM2)
  • a Land-Use Transport Interaction Model for London and the South East (LonLUTI).

The sub-regional models we have developed, with slightly less detail in the regional economic modelling (but other more sophisticated features), include

  • the South Essex Transport/Land-Use Model (SETLUM)
  • the Leicester and Leicestershire Integrated Transport Model (LLITM)
  • the South-West Peninsula Land-Use Model (SWesPLUM)
  • the FLUTE model of the Sheffield City Region
  • the Local Economic Impact Model for South Hampshire.

The DELTA urban models include

  • the ASP3 models for Auckland (New Zealand)
  • models of Derby and Harlow.

Several DELTA-based models with special characteristics have been developed in the course of specific projects - these include

  • a model of the West Yorkshire office market
  • SimDELTA, which uses microsimulation to represent changes and choices for households and persons, within the standard DELTA structure
  • a model for Great Britain developed and used for Greengauge 21
  • the LASER4.0 model for London and the South East, with restricted treatment of employment.
  • the LASER4.1 model, which incorporates more detailed representation of housing stocks and housing markets.

These are (or will be) described on our research pages.



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