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DSCMOD: Land-use Change Indicators

DSCMOD was developed as a land-use "add-on" an independent transport model set up either in a standard package or using an ad-hoc program. DSCMOD's main function is to estimate the relocation of households and of employment in response to changing accessibility within the study area. It was designed to provide quantitative indicators of these effects as a basis for discussion and sensitivity testing without imposing any additional requirements on the transport model itself.

Typically DSCMOD is used:

  • to estimate responses to changes in accessibility (or other factors) between the base year and the horizon year, for comparison with the scenario(s) upon which the transport model is being run;
  • to estimate responses to changes in accessibility occurring as a result of different transport policies in the horizon year.

DSCMOD is strictly comparative, ie it calculates changes in land-use based upon the changes in accessibility between two sets of inputs (see figure 3).

Figure 3

Since 1999, the DSCMOD method has been applied by creating simplified models using the DELTA package, rather than by using the original DSCMOD programs.

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