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As part of the JATES project in Edinburgh, DSC developed a system of 'land-use change indicators' designed to provide limited information on the land-use impacts of alternative strategies within the constraints of a conventional transport study approach - in particular, by applying a static model in a 'horizon year', rather than requiring a series of years to be modelled. The initial application was linked to the START model implemented by MVA within the JATES project. Subsequently, the DSCMOD system has been applied to

  • Dublin, as part of the work on the Dublin Transportation Initiative (with Steer Davies & Gleave, Llewelyn Davies and McHugh Consultants, 1991-92)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (as part of the SPITS project in collaboration with MVA, SETEPLA and Logit Ltda, 1992-93)
  • Merseyside (as part of the MERITS project in collaboration with MVA and Pieda, 1992-93)
  • Bristol (as part of the study on transport effects of urban land-use change, with MVA for the Department of Transport, 1995-98)
  • Alsace (with HCG France, 1993-94)
  • Borders Railway Reopening Study (with Scott Wilson and MVA, 1999).



David Simmonds Consultancy Limited is registered in England and Wales, company registration 04860878. The registered office is 10 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA