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DSC European Model

This model was developed to examine some of the economic impacts of changing levels of transport service in Europe. The model represents transport for both passengers and freight throughout Europe. It takes into account the competition or complementarity of modes, converting the service they provide into measures of accessibility and hence (using DSCMOD) into estimates of the forces for economic change.

The model includes almost the whole of the EEC (of Twelve) and the EFTA area, apart from the former East Germany and the more remote territories physically located outside Europe.

The current version of the model is based upon a system of 60 zones and incorporates both passenger travel, three main modes of long distance transport are considered: car, train, and air, each including ferry connections where necessary. In the case of freight, the emphasis is on road haulage (again with the inclusion of ferry routes where necessary), but combined road-rail transport is included on some routes where it is particularly significant.

The European Model has been used to investigate:

  • the regional impact of the Channel Tunnel;
  • the additional impact of related schemes;
  • the benefits of high-speed passenger services to and from North-West England;
  • the effects of the proposed TGV-Est from Paris to Strasbourg;
  • a variety of non-infrastructure policies.



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