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Borders Railway Reopening Study

The Borders Railway from Edinburgh to Carlisle closed in the 1960s, but its reopening has been under almost continuous debate from that time to the present day. In 1999, the Scottish Executive commissioned a team of consultants, led by Scott Wilson and including MVA and DSC, to carry out a substantial review and analysis of issues related to a possible reopening of the line, including all of the options for partial or complete, passenger and/or freight operation.

DSC contributed to the study by examining the potential socio-economic impacts of the different reopening options. This concentrated on the possibility of reopening the northern section of the railway, from Edinburgh to Galashields, Melrose or Hawick, as a passenger railway. Analysis of the effects on residential location, particularly in relation to the Edinburgh/Lothian labour market, were carried out using the DSCMOD method and the DELTA software. To ensure consistency with the transport analysis, this was based on the outputs of the travel demand modelling carried out by MVA. Analysis of impacts on businesses in the Borders, and of the interactions between different kinds of effects, were carried out less formally, mainly because of the very small size of the Borders economy and the associated problems of data.



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