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Reviews of land-use/transport interaction models

In 1998, DSC and ME&P were jointly commissioned by the Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA) to carry out a review of available land-use/transport interaction models. One of the findings of this review is that the label "land-use/transport model" substantially under-represents the extent to which models of this type represent the property, labour and product markets, rather than just the "land-use" market. The review provided SACTRA with material to inform their discussions about the kinds of methods which should be used to assess the economic impact of road schemes and other transport changes.

Two reviews on broadly the same subject have also been carried out for the European Commission:

  • at the urban level, as part of an APAS project led by MVA, in 1995,
  • at the regional level, as part of research on the induced traffic effects of TENs improvements, led by HCG.



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