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Updated 9th December 2005:

Auckland Land-Use/Transport Model: David Simmonds Consultancy is a member of a consortium recently appointed by Auckland Regional Council (New Zealand) to develop the new generation of Auckland Transport Models. The consortium is led by Sinclair Knight Merz and includes Beca Infrastructure and a team of specialist consultants from New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. The project involves the development of a full land-use/transport interaction model for the Auckland area, of which the land-use modelling component will be developed using DSC's DELTA package. The implementation of DELTA will be carried out in two stages. The first stage will involve assembling a DELTA model based on data from the 2001 Census and linking this to the existing EMME2-based Auckland Transport Model. This version is intended to be used in planning work by Auckland Regional Council from late 2006 onwards. The second stage will link the DELTA model to the new transport model which the consortium will be developing during 2006 and early 2007. This second stage will also involve updating the model using the results of the 2006 Census and enhancing its calibration using the results of additional surveys which will also be carried out during 2006.

Updated 10th November 2005:

Evaluation of transport schemes: DSC, along with NERA Economic Consulting and MVA, have been appointed by the Department for Transport (DfT) to develop new guidance on the evaluation of major local transport schemes. Major schemes, typically costing more than £5m, represent a significant proportion of DfT expenditure on local transport. There is a clear need to assess the processes of implementing a scheme and the impacts of the investment to demonstrate value for money and inform future policy-making. The guidance will set out what the DfT requires from an evaluation and provide high-level advice on methodological and practical issues. It is primarily aimed as a management guide for those involved in promoting and assessing major schemes, but it will also help local authorities in planning and commissioning robust evaluations. The project will run from the end of October 2005 to March 2006.

Updated 26th October 2005:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Mélanie Bosredon has joined David Simmonds Consultancy as an Analyst. Mélanie has degrees from the Sorbonne (Paris), the University of Orléans and the University of Marne-la-Vallée, and recently obtained an M.Phil in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from Cambridge University. Her previous experience includes work on GIS and other computer applications in France and India. Mélanie will be working both on the further development of the DELTA package and on the firm's project work.

Updated 10th October 2005:

European Transport Conference: We presented two papers involving DSC work to the European Transport Conference, which took place in Strasbourg 3-5 October 2005. One of these was about the definition of systems of functional areas which work we undertook in collaboration with MVA. Please click on the link to view the presentation, the full papers will be published in the CD of ETC Proceedings.

In addition, David Simmonds was an invited speaker at a workshop during ETC on the gap between the state of practice and the state of the art in transport modelling. A note of his presentation to the workshop will be added here shortly.

Updated 10th October 2005:

SESTRANS: South-East Scotland Integrated Transport Corridor Studies: The final reports of the SESTRANS Integrated Transport Corridors Study have been published at www.sestran.org.uk/projects/index.html. The study was carried out by a consortium led by MVA, including Scott Wilson Scotland Ltd, David Simmonds Consultancy and Hargest & Wallace Planning Ltd, and involved studies on five corridors around Edinburgh and the Forth Valley.

Updated 15th July 2005:

Staff: Congratulations to former colleague Emma Richmond, who has just graduated from Warwick University with an Upper Second degree in Economics. Emma was Admin and Technical Assistant at DSC during 2001-2002, and has returned to work here during several vacations since then.

Updated 5th July 2005:

Staff: Olga Feldman has been promoted to Senior Consultant, and Simon Sutcliffe to Programmer, both with effect from 1 July. Richard Simmonds has returned temporarily as an IT Assistant, having just been awarded a First in Mathematics and Computing at Oxford University.

CUPUM Conference: two papers on work by DSC and collaborators were given to the Ninth International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, which was held at University College London on 29 June - 1 July. Olga Feldmand presented a paper on the current research for DfT into microsimulation modelling of household location and commuting, and David Simmonds presented a paper on recent developments of the DELTA model and lessons from experience in using it.

Updated 1st June 2005:

Office Property Markets in West Yorkshire: David Simmonds Consultancy has been appointed by the West Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership to lead a research study of the office property market in West Yorkshire . The aim of the study is to gain a better understanding of the existing and potential office property markets in the five major towns and cities in West Yorkshire; namely Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield and Wakefield. In addition it will seek to identify areas of market failure, barriers to investment and appropriate intervention measuresThe project, which is funded by Yorkshire Forward, will be carried out by DSC in partnership with Dr Rachael Unsworth of the University of Leeds, School of Geography.

SITLUM: TRL and DSC have been commissioned by Strathclyde Passenger Transport to carry out an update of the Strathclyde Integrated Transport/Land-Use Model - SITLUM. SITLUM integrates DSC's DELTA package with TRL's Strategic Transport Model, and was originally developed for SPT in 2002-2003, before data were available from the 2001 Census of Population. The update has focussed on establishing a revised 2001 base year using Census data, and on using more recent information about local authorities' planning policies as inputs to the forecasting process. The revised model is intended to be used for forecasting and impact analysis studies by SPT and by the two structure planning teams (Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, Ayrshire) within the SPT area.

GMSPM: David Simmonds Consultancy and MVA have recently completed an update of the land-use data in the Greater Manchester Strategy Planning Model. The work involved the use of base data from the 2001 Census and other sources, revision of the economic and demographic scenarios, and refinements to the model itself. The inputs describing the planning and regeneration policies which seek to influence land-use change within Greater Manchester were also updated, in consultation with the local authorities in the area. The refinements to the model included a revised car ownership model based on current Department of Transport national modelling practice, and an improved residential location model. The updated model will now be used to test options related to the Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan. The work was commissioned by Greater Manchester Transportation Unit on behalf of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, and was managed on their behalf by Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive.

Updated 12th January 2005: 

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Andy Dobson, currently Corporate Research Manager at Poole Borough Council, will be joining DSC as a Managing Consultant at the end of February. Andy has a BA (Hons) degree in Town and County Planning from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and an MA in Operational Research from Lancaster University. He has spent over 20 years in local government, having worked for Cumbria County Council, the Peak Park Planning Board and Hereford and Worcester County Council before moving to Poole in 1997.



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