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Updated 2nd December 2004:

TSUG: Kevin Lumsden of MVA and David Simmonds gave a presentation of the TMfS/TELMoS modelling developments to a Transport Statistics User Group Seminar hosted by Napier University Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh, on 29 November. The presentation can be accessed at http://www.tri.napier.ac.uk/TSUGSeminar2004.htm

Updated 15th November 2004:

Office move: we shall be moving within Millers Yard on Friday 19 November. The office will be closed from 13h00 on Thursday 18 November and should reopen at 09h00 on Monday 22 November. We are moving from Suite 23 to Suite 14; all other details remain unchanged.

Incorporation: also from 19 November, the firm will be incorporated as David Simmonds Consultancy Limited. All staff, projects and other commitments will be transferred to the company; David Simmonds will be Director rather than Principal/Proprietor. Apart from the change of address mentioned above, there will be no change in the firm's contact details.

Updated 12th October 2004:

Staff: James Nicoll has joined us as an analyst having finished his Masters at the University of London.

Updated 14th September 2004:

Household location modelling (see 16 June): an outline of the research project which DSC is leading for Department for Transport is now available here.

Updated 23rd July 2004:

European Congress of Mathematics: Olga Feldman gave a poster presentation about the DELTA package at the Fourth European Congress of Mathematics in Stockholm. The written abstract on which the presentation was based can be read at http://www.math.kth.se/4ecm/abstracts/7.7.pdf

Updated 16th June 2004:

BURA: A brief summary of the results and the report from the recent study by DSC for BURA into Overcoming Development Delivery Failures is available here.

Household Location Modelling: David Simmonds Consultancy has been appointed by the Department for Transport to lead a major research study developing improved models of household location. The Department has identified greater understanding of relationships between land use and transport as a key to forecasting and managing the demand for travel. This subject impacts on a number of policy areas but particularly that of tackling congestion. This project focuses on household location and how it is affected by changes to the transport system. The project will be carried out by DSC in collaboration with the University of Leeds School of Geography and MVA, plus Professor Roger Mackett from University College London and Peter Headicar from Oxford Brookes University. The work will draw in particular upon three different streams of household modelling already carried out by members of the team. These are the SimLeeds and SimBritain systems developed at the University of Leeds, the MASTER models developed by Professor Mackett at UCL, and the DELTA land-use/economic modelling package developed by DSC. The influence of transport will be modelled using transport models which MVA developed for the South and West Yorkshire Multi-Modal Study (SWYMMS). The project will use part or all of the SWYMMS area as a case study, but will also look at the processes of longer-distance relocation on a national scale. The study is due to be completed by the end of 2005 and will deliver both a report describing an improved understanding of household location and a working model system making that understanding available to the Department as a practical tool. The model will be for the case study area, but the project will also consider how the model system should be extended to cover the whole of Great Britain.

Updated 11th May 2004:

Derby Area Study: David Simmonds Consultancy is a member of the consortium appointed by Derby City Council to carry out the Derby Area Transport Study (DATS). The consortium is led by MVA and also involves Environmental Resources Management (ERM), White Young Green and Sinclair Knight Merz. The consultants will assist the City Council in determining transport strategies and plans that meet the visions for current and future Local Transport Plans (LTP) in line with both local and national transport objectives. As part of the project, MVA will develop a base year multi-modal transport model, and will use it to produce forecasts of travel for future years. A major part of DSC's input will be the preparation of the land-use inputs for this forecasting process, taking account of the planning policies of Derby City Council and adjoining authorities. DSC will also be involved in the analysis of accessibility and of the impacts of transport proposals on land-use and economic development.

Updated 25th March 2004:

SITCoS: DSC is part of a consortium led by MVA which has been appointed by SESTRAN (the South East Scotland Transport Partnership) to undertake the South East Scotland Integrated Transport Corridors Study (SITCoS). This study is considering potential solutions to a range of problems identified in five transport corridors around Edinburgh and the Forth Valley, and is expected to report this summer. The other consortium members are Scott Wilson and Hargest & Wallace Planning.

Transport/Economic/Land-use Model of Scotland (TELMoS): Representatives from all Scottish local authorities were invited to a presentation of work on the Transport Model for Scotland (TMfS) and the related Transport/Economic/Land-use Model of Scotland (TELMoS) at the Scottish Executive's Victoria Quay Conference Centre on 3 March. The presenters included Tim Whitehead and David Simmonds from DSC. Copies of the presentation materials, and other information on TMfS and TELMoS, can be found at www.tmfs.org.uk.

Updated 16th February 2004:

Norwich Riverside, Keys to Redevelopment- A Case Study: The report from this project, commissioned by BURA, is now available online. Read the summary and get the link to the full report here.

Updated 12th January 2004:

Presentations: David Simmonds' presentation to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting on microsimulation in land-use modelling is available here.

Updated 08th January 2004:

DSC Staff: Olga Feldman has joined as a Consultant.



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