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Updated 22 December 2008:

ETC: Andy Dobson and David Simmonds contributed to a paper written jointly with Stephen Canning and Scott Leitham of MVA on "Transport, Economic Development and Regeneration", presented to the European Transport Conference at Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands in October.  DSC work was also mentioned in other papers on studies in Strathclyde, Greater Manchester and London.

LonLUTI: DSC have developed a land-use/transport interaction model for Transport for London, based on a full application of the DELTA package linked to the established LTS transport model (TfL's main strategic multi-modal transport model). The DELTA application covers the whole of London, the South-East and the East of England, and is based upon the zone system previously developed for the LASER model. In contrast with LASER, the new model, known as LonLUTI, produces forecasts in one-year steps and models development processes and employment location/relocation as well as household and population changes over time.

Conferences: Andy Dobson was an invited speaker at the 7th International Workshop on Evaluation in Planning, which was recently hosted by Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. He presented a joint paper with Professor Glen Bramley of Heriot Watt University entitled "Using Land Use Transport Interaction (LUTI) Models to Assess the Sustainability of Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Proposals: the potential scope and illustrative applications"

National Land Use and Economic Model for Scotland: DSC have undertaken a major overhaul and enhancement to the Land Use and Economic Model for Scotland. This work forms part of the development programme for the Land and Transport in Scotland System (LATIS) which has been commissioned by Transport Scotland from MVA and DSC. Information on the model enhancement was presented to the LATIS User Group in November.

SITLUM08: A new model version for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT). DSC and TRL have been commissioned to develop a new version of the Strathclyde Integrated Transport and Land Use Model (SITLUM). This model will replace the current version, providing enhanced functionality, including an updated integration with the more detailed Strathclyde Transport Model.

Land Use Planning: In September DSC have provided an intensive training course on Land Use Planning and the DELTA land use model for students studying at the University of Seoul, Korea. This involved a week of training, in Seoul and then a series of fortnightly video conferences during the autumn semester.

Department for Transport Think Piece: We were part of a team, comprising Atlins, Roger Tyms, Katalysis and DSC that were commissioned to prepare a think piece on 'Reducing the need to travel by improving the land use predictions informing transport planning'. This work explored the use and potential of land use models for forecasting land use change and informing the transport planning proces.

Updated 10 July 2008:

Staff Promotions: Olga Feldman has been promoted to Managing Consultant, Mélanie Bosredon to Consultant, Paul Minta to Senior Analyst and Matthew McDonald to Senior Programmer/Systems Administrator.

Updated 1 July 2008:

Conferences: David Simmonds was an invited speaker at the conference of the Italian Society of
Professors of Transport held at the University of Calibria in Rende (Cosenza, Italy).  He was also
an invited speaker at the Fifth Oregon Symposium on Integrating Land-Use and Transport Models, where he gave a paper on the DELTA approach to integrating regional economic modelling with urban land-use/transport modelling in the session on "Regional economic modelling success stories".  The discussion at the Symposium suggested that the full application of DELTA remains one of the most sophisticated and informative approaches available for integrating the analysis of how planning and transport strategies will impact on both regional economies and urban land-use/transport patterns.

Updated 25 March 2008:

Staff: We are pleased to announce that Anthony Dilleen has joined DSC as an Analyst/Programmer.

Updated 28 February 2008:

Transportation Research Board:  Olga Feldman presented a paper "Use of integrated transportation land use models in the wider economic benefit calculations of transport schemes"  to the 87th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, January 2008.




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