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Edinburgh LUTI/LEI Model

The Edinburgh LUTI/LEI Model was commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council in early 2001. 'LUTI/LEI' refers to the fact that the model was developed under two separate contracts: one for a Land-Use/Transport Interaction model to represent urban activities, development and transport within Edinburgh and Lothian, and one for an Economic Impact Model to represent the interactions between the Lothian economy and the rest of Scotland, with particular regard to the impacts of transport change. MVA and DSC proposed that these models should be built as a single integrated system, and delivered this using the DELTA package and MVA's TRAM (Traffic Restraint Analysis Model). The DELTA modelling covers the whole of Scotland, though detailed urban model zones are represented only within Lothian and South Fife; for a summary, please see the resources at the bottom of the page. MVA and DSC run the model on behalf of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh, the arms-length company set up by City of Edinburgh Council to implement major transport schemes. The model has been used in work on the City's Integrated Transport Initiative, on components of ITI such as the light rail proposals, and in work on plans for development of the South-East Wedge.



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