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Strathclyde Integrated Transport/Land-Use Model (SITLUM)

The Strathclyde Integrated Transport/Land-Use Model (SITLUM) was developed in collaboration with TRL for Strathclyde Passenger Transport. The Structure Plan teams for Ayrshire and for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley also supported the development of the model and intend to make use of it. SITLUM links DELTA to the application of TRL's Strategic Transport Model (STM) package which had already been developed for the Strathclyde area. The DELTA application is similar to those for Edinburgh and for South and West Yorkshire. Notable features of the SITLUM system are that the transport model is run at two-year intervals (with DELTA as usual working in one-year increments), and that the operation of the whole land-use/transport interaction system can be controlled from a Windows graphical user interface (rather than from the command line in DOS).



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