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Research projects

Research projects

We have carried out a range of research projects for a variety of clients.

Environmental value of the bus: During the summer of 2012 we completed a study for Greener Journeys on the environmental value of the bus, with particular reference to the potential contribution of bus services to meeting the UK Government's targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The report can be found on Greener Journeys' website

Summertime/double summertime: the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has recently published a report which DSC prepared on the availability of evidence which could be used in a potential cost-benefit analysis of a possible change to UK clock time - the "summertime/double summertime" proposal, which involve advancing the clocks by one hour all year round.  The report is available on the BIS website.   This project involve a return to the subject of setting clock times: in an earlier study, we examined the costs arising from differences in summertime dates between different European countries. 

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