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Greater Manchester Strategy Planning Model (GMSPM2)

The Greater Manchester Strategy Planning Model 2 (GMSPM2) is a large-scale land-use/transport interaction (LUTI) model commissioned by GMPTE from MVA Consultancy and David Simmonds Consultancy (DSC) in 2006.

It is an upgrade of the original GMSPM, which was developed by the same team in the 1990s.  It contains a number of enhancements. These inclyde a more detailed zone system within Greater Manchester as well as a more extensive coverage of the areas around Greater Manchester; more sophisticated modelling of the economy, and a more elaborate treatment of the transport networks and of responses to transport changes.

GMSPM2 has been implemented using MVA's TRAM transport modelling package integrated with DSC's DELTA land-use/economic modelling package. 

The model has been used for a number of applications, most recently to appraise the impacts of the emerging Local Development Frameworks within Greater Manchester upon the strategic transport networks.



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