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Central Scotland Transport Corridors Study (CSTCS) LUTI Model

The Central Scotland Transport Corridors Study (CSTCS) LUTI Model was similar to the Edinburgh application in that it looked at the detail of whilst taking account of interactions with the rest of Scotland. The model was focused on Glasgow and Lanarkshire, the areas of main interest to CSTCS. DELTA was linked to the CSTM3A transport model, developed by MVA using the TRIPS package. The DELTA application involved many more zones (>700) than any previous case, but the combination of the number of zones and the difficulties in obtaining base data meant that it was implemented with only a single category of households. In addition to its use within CSTCS, the model has since been used to assess the impacts of the M74 Completion and of the recommendations emerging from the Clyde Corridor Transport Study (in collaboration with Scott Wilson). The CSTCS model is now largely replaced by TELMoS.



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